Friday, February 1, 2013

The Importance of Hospital Marketing

It should come as no surprise that people's preference in hospitals is not at the top of their list of concerns. Most people don't sit around pondering where they'd like to go if they had a heart attack or needed knee surgery. But when people do have health problems that need treatment, you absolutely want your hospital to be - and stay - at the top of their minds.

Especially now that we're in the age of Patient Empowerment, hospital marketing has never been more important. Because when health-related issues do rear their ugly head, people are making informed decisions about where they go, who they see and who they're willing to trust with their health, not to mention that of their children and loved ones.

However, during economic dips like the one we're currently facing, many hospitals are choosing to cut their hospital marketing budget. In fact, that's often the first thing to go when finances are tight. This could prove to be a huge mistake. By doing away with marketing efforts, hospitals may lose current patients, new patients and even referrals. Patients who count on appointment reminders via phone call or direct mail may simply forget about their appointment altogether or even question the hospital's or their doctor's status. People new to the area who could be potential patients may not even know your hospital exists if you don't advertise your hospital or abandon your website. Also, referring physicians and other colleagues may stop passing referrals your way if you've stopped communicating with them.


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