Friday, April 12, 2013

The Value of Creating a Training Video in Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Marketing
In the process of building your business, it is important to not overlook having a sound marketing plan. There are times when all the focus and energy is directed towards the practice or office environment. For some healthcare professionals, the concept of marketing is foreign as there has been minimal exposure from classroom instruction. In many instances, the best training material is composed of both theory and actual field experience. Consequently, having a training video holds a tremendous amount of value for both staff members and the industry at large. There are three distinct advantages of creating a training video specifically related to the marketing of healthcare services. Each area will be outlined and explained in full length in the content of this article.

First, the obvious benefit of having a training video ensures all staff members receive the same uniform training. With such a broad spectrum of teaching philosophies from around the world, the result has lead to a diverse representation of perspectives within the healthcare community. In addition, the creation of a training video for healthcare marketing introduces new employees to the idea of marketing a business. For many, this may be their first encounter with the idea that customers must be gained through education, exposure to your service, and winning their trust. Far too many employees fail to realize successful businesses are the result of great products combined with creative marketing. The second reason that training videos are great is the fact they increase productivity. As all personnel are trained utilizing the same consistent methods, both communication and output increases. This type of cohesiveness is at the core of developing corporate cultures that produce outstanding results. The level of expectation is reflected in exceptional customer service, at every level, ranging from the mailroom to the executive office suite.

Remember, however, cultures are not formed overnight as the temperament and expectation of excellence takes time. Additionally, the formation of a corporate culture of excellence requires repeated exercises in patience, tolerance, and accountability. The third benefit involves the aforementioned culture of excellence as others will seek to emulate it. The healthcare marketing training video achieves its original intent when others will do anything to get their hands on a copy. If imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery, you've hit the mark. Best of all, you are now an expert within the healthcare industry and because of you, there is a new standard of excellence.


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